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Juli 27, 2018

Top Application Services Webinars

In this series of webinars, learn how F5 can help you navigate the sea change in network and application management.

Juli 27, 2018

Top Multi-Cloud Webinars

Multi-cloud is one of the hottest buzzwords in IT today. 85% of organizations are committed to a multi-cloud architecture. The other 15% are probably doing it by accident.

August 01, 2017

F5 DevOps and NetOps Survey Report: Automation is Key to Bridging the Digital Divide

Much is made of the archetypical relationship between DevOps and NetOps. We are constantly barraged with a litany of “us versus them” rhetoric that pits the one against the other...

April 04, 2017

F5 in the Cloud: Optimizing Logistics with the Port Authority of Jamaica

Guest post from F5 customer Dwain Powell, PCS Director, The Port Authority of Jamaica

März 28, 2017

Pursuit of App-iness

More than 1,000 APAC respondents participated in F5 annual survey, State of Application Delivery. This year, we unveil the survey findings of Asia Pacific's application services market trends.

April 28, 2016

Effective Hybrid Cloud - Adapting and Scaling to Meet Changing Business Needs

This executive brief from IDC explains hybrid cloud as a natural evolution that offers public cloud's scalability and low startup costs, along with the level of security that comes with private cloud.

April 27, 2016

Deploying Apps within a Hybrid Infrastructure

Know where your apps are, who and where your users are, and the context of how these apps are being used in architecting an infrastructure that is simple yet agile.

Januar 05, 2016

F5 Meets You in the Cloud with New Partners – F5 Ready Program Updates

Businesses today are increasingly moving application workloads to the cloud to address shifting demands, speed deployment, and minimize costs with utility billing. While there are many benefits to using the public cloud, organizations also have...

November 30, 2015

Computer and Information Networking Center of National Taiwan University uses F5 to improve security of its cloud services

This story is a translation of the published article here.  Conserving energy on campus and moving to the cloud have become one of the most topical issues and trends worldwide. In response to the advocacy of campus energy conservation, early...

Oktober 28, 2015

F5 Offers Business-Critical SDAS for Integrated Systems

The F5® BIG-IP® system provides integrated systems customers with the Software Defined Application Services™ (SDAS) they need to ensure the high availability, security, and scalability required for today’s critical enterprise application workloads.