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Swan Labs Introduces New WANJet Enterprise Application Delivery Solution

Swan's Session Matrix Architecture Delivers Lightspeed Application Performance Everywhere

F5 Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: FFIV) -- Swan Labs, the premier provider of enterprise application delivery solutions, today announced the availability of Swan Labs WANJet™. WANJet is a key component of the company's family of application acceleration solutions, and is the highest performing and most scalable solution available on the market today. Swan Labs WANJet is the latest innovation in the application delivery market and is the only solution that integrates the functionality of both application acceleration and WAN optimization technologies at speeds ranging from 64 Kbps to 622 Mbps. This integrated approach accelerates the network while further boosting individual applications, guaranteeing the highest possible performance for all file services, email, data replication, and Web applications over the WAN.

"As indicated by recent acquisitions, the enterprise application delivery market is seeing tremendous growth, and competition in this market will continue to escalate over the next year," said Jim Metzler, principal analyst at Ashton, Metzler & Associates.

Swan Labs has raised the bar in terms of delivering a solution that delivers integrated application acceleration and WAN optimization, which positions them well as the market for these solutions heats up."

Swan Labs WANJet Dramatically Expands WAN Capacity and Application Throughput

Swan Labs WANJet is among the highest performing enterprise application delivery systems on the market, accommodating line speeds up to 622 Mbps. By taking a completely protocol- and file-agnostic approach to data reduction, WANJet delivers application throughput that is often higher than specified line speeds, and that is significantly higher performing than competing technologies. With this combination of higher line speed capabilities, superior data reduction, and higher application throughput, WANJet proves to be the highest-performance, highest-bandwidth solution available today.

Swan Labs WANJet-enabled appliances are deployed in data centers and branch offices to provide LAN-like performance over the WAN for applications including file transfer, email, client-server applications, and data replication. Swan Labs' product family also includes Swan Labs WebAccelerator™, a system that is deployed in the data center to accelerate Web applications such as Siebel, SAP, Hyperion, Oracle, and others that are accessed by mobile intranet and extranet users.

Swan Labs Session Matrix Architecture Enables Global Application Performance and Lower WAN Costs

At the heart of Swan Labs WANJet is the Session Matrix™ Architecture, a networking technology that is essential to application efficiency on the WAN. Optimized at layer 5 of the OSI reference model, the Session Matrix Architecture gives Swan Labs WANJet full application knowledge and network awareness. As a result, WANJet provides maximum acceleration for individual applications and the highest levels of data reduction and TCP performance available in the industry. Customers routinely experience immediate savings and a return on investment averaging three to six months.

"We handle over nine million participants' benefits and retirement data, and we needed a solution that could ensure we were getting the highest application throughput while still providing full encryption and privacy," said Barry Strasnick, Chief Information Officer at CitiStreet.

"Swan Labs is the only solution that can both encrypt our data and drive our 45 Mbps link at full capacity. WANJet's ability to provide an immediate and sustainable increase in network performance, while simultaneously securing our data, has enabled us to continue to grow our customer base without having to purchase additional bandwidth."

Faster Application Performance with Transparent Data Reduction

Swan Labs Transparent Data Reduction (TDR) is a revolutionary networking technology that ensures high-speed application performance and reduces the amount of data transferred over the WAN by up to 95%. TDR delivers significantly more bandwidth for applications and effectively expands WAN capacity above specified rates. TDR works with any data type, including pre-compressed and encrypted data, and is entirely file-type independent. The data reduction frees bandwidth for other applications, and application throughput routinely increases by 10X. Throughput gains that are two orders of magnitude higher have been observed.

"In customer tests on WANs with 2 Mbps links, 300 milliseconds of latency and, 1% packet loss, seen second-pass data transfer times go from six minutes to one second for a 30 MB, pre-compressed file," said Tom Tansy, Vice President of Marketing at Swan Labs.

Swan Labs' WANJet with Transparent Data Reduction works with all types of data and delivers fantastic benefits to customers."

TDR's data reduction techniques work on two levels. TDR Level 1 reduces small patterns from individual application data streams the first time data is encountered. TDR Level 2 removes large patterns on repetitive data transfers. When combined, the two levels of TDR work together to provide the highest level of data reduction in the industry. Swan Labs. TDR solution is also the first data reduction technology that accelerates application transfers operating on OC-12 networks.

Making the WAN Safer and Faster with SSL Encryption

For applications that require full security and privacy, Swan Labs WANJet provides SSL-based, site-to-site encryption. This feature gives IT managers full control to decide which traffic they would like to encrypt. Enabling SSL encryption has no negative effect on throughput and does not inhibit the use of any other optimization technology. With Swan Labs WANJet, IT managers no longer have to choose between safe or fast.

Programmatic Access to Session Matrix Services

In addition to offering Session Matrix services transparently to existing applications, Swan Labs WANJet also exposes a programmatic interface between service primitives (such as RTT discovery, setting and preserving type of service, TCP acceleration, adaptive compression, Transparent Data Reduction, and SSL encryption) and layer 7 protocols operating on Swan Labs appliances. This capability allows Swan Labs to team with layer 7 protocol providers to deliver solutions that operate as quickly and efficiently on the WAN as they do on the LAN.

WANJet software is deployed on Swan Labs. SL200 (up to 2 Mbps) and SL400 (up to 622 Mbps) hardware appliances, and works seamlessly across all wide-area technologies including dedicated links, low-cost IP VPNs, frame relay, and even satellite connections.

"Our customers experience dramatic performance improvements from our one-of-a-kind integrated application acceleration and WAN optimization technologies," said Tansy.

"The Swan Labs WANJet solution enhances our current offerings with another order of magnitude in performance improvements. These solutions are proof of Swan Labs' continued technology and performance lead in an enterprise applications delivery market that, as evidenced by recent competitive acquisitions, has recognized the benefits of a combined approach."

Pricing and Availability

Swan Labs WANJet appliances are available today and support line speeds from 64 Kbps to 622 Mbps with pricing starting at $1,895.

About Swan Labs

Swan Labs has recently entered into an agreement to be purchased by F5 Networks and the deal is expected to close in the last quarter of 2005. Swan Labs is the premier provider of enterprise application delivery solutions to Global 2000 companies. Enterprise application delivery is a new market category that resides at the intersection of application acceleration and WAN optimization. With Swan Labs' solution, enterprise customers experience increased application utilization, predictable end-user response times, dramatic WAN performance gains, and lower WAN costs.

Swan Labs is headquartered in San Jose, California, and has development and support operations in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

About F5 Networks

F5 enables organizations to successfully deliver business-critical applications and gives them the greatest level of agility to stay ahead of growing business demands. As the pioneer and global leader in Application Traffic Management, F5 continues to lead the industry by driving more intelligence into the network to deliver advanced application agility. F5 products ensure the secure and optimized delivery of applications to any user - anywhere. Through its flexible and cohesive architecture, F5 delivers unmatched value by dramatically improving the way organizations serve their employees, customers and constituents, while lowering operational costs. Over 9,000 organizations and service providers worldwide trust F5 to keep their businesses running. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington with offices worldwide. For more information go to

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