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F5 Helps Banking Industry IT Services Provider Finanz Informatik Deliver Fast, Secure Applications and Online Services


F5 Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: FFIV) the global leader in Application Delivery Networking, announced that it has successfully implemented a consolidated service platform for the German financial IT services provider Finanz Informatik. The F5 solution offers the scalability to match the business’s projected growth trajectory.

Finanz Informatik provides IT consultancy and implementation services for banks and other financial services organizations in Germany. A growing client base and burgeoning customer requirements for the provision of fast, secure ATM and online services for customers previously posed ever-increasing challenges for Finanz Informatik.

The rapidity of the social swing from traditional front-desk banking to Internet and self-service banking meant a major change in focus for Finanz Informatik. The company set out to find a solution that would selectively control the flow of data from their OSPlus (One System Plus) application to network users. The OSPlus application is Finanz Informatik’s high-end core banking solution.

Traffic management, optimization and failover are essential for the operation of the company’s ATMs, self-service terminals, and account statement printers. Implementing F5’s BIG-IP® Local Traffic Manager (LTM®) solution allowed fast, secure Internet banking, incorporating SSL encryption and reduction in load on the application servers. Future IPv6 migration is also supported by BIG-IP solutions. The implementation of the BIG-IP LTM also enabled a unified services platform, cutting administrative outlay by a significant margin and reducing the number of services delivery business units from three departments to one.

“Right across Germany, Finanz Informatik is pointing the way with its core banking solution OSPlus. Since July 2011, the country’s savings banks have been using a unified, future-oriented core banking system based on a modern architecture,” said Dr. Jens Fricke, Head of Load Balancing and Proxy at Finanz Informatik. “F5’s unified application delivery platform supports the secure, high-availability and cost-effective operation of OSPlus for 24,000-plus ATMs and disruption-free usage of online banking facilities.”

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About Finanz Informatik

Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Finanz Informatik (FI) is the IT services provider of Germany's Savings Banks Finance Group (Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe) and one of the largest banking IT services providers in Europe. Its clientele includes 423 savings banks, 8 regional banks and the DekaBank, 10 regional building societies and other companies in the Savings Banks Finance Group and the finance sector. Finanz Informatik’s portfolio covers all of IT – from the development and provision of IT applications, networks and technical infrastructure, through data-centre operation to consulting, training and support. Today, the high-end core banking solution OSPlus from Finanz Informatik is the leading IT system for Germany’s banking industry. Subsidiaries and affiliates like Finanz Informatik Technologie Service, Finanz Informatik Solutions Plus, Star Finanz and inasys further extend the IT portfolio. Finanz Informatik provides service for 126.9 million accounts; 89.7 billion technical transactions are handled by the systems. The company employs 4975 people and posts income on sales totalling approximately EUR 1.5 billion.

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