New Solutions Enable the Multi-Cloud World

SVP Sangeeta Anand takes a closer look at the promise of multi-cloud environments and new technologies from F5.

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A Multi-Cloud Strategy Needs Multi-Cloud Solutions

There is little doubt (in my mind, at least) that the new standard operating model for enterprise organizations is based largely on cloud. I use the term “cloud” as a broad umbrella for both...

State of Application Delivery 2017: Cloudy Challenges

Cloud is not going away, and multi-cloud is definitely the target destination for most organizations today. What remains is the journey to get there.

F5 Application Services for a Multi-Cloud World

BARCELONA – Today at its annual EMEA Agility partner and customer conference, F5 announced the availability of offerings designed to provide consistent application services in multi-cloud...

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F5 Application Connector: Connecting and Controlling Cloud Apps

Applications are moving to public clouds. Maybe not as fast as the market predicted (hoped?), but they are moving.

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Cyberattack Scramble: Sifting through code, a midnight patch and a lost weekend

As the WannaCry cyberattacks became major news worldwide this past weekend, corporate cybersecurity workers, researchers and law-enforcement agencies jumped into action.

Equinix & F5: Taking Control of Your Hybrid Cloud Security

Interconnection helps extend a secure route to the public cloud for enterprise apps

Lift and Shift: Top Things to Consider When Moving That Legacy App to the Cloud

Lori MacVittie explores what you should be thinking about (and preparing for) when migrating apps.

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From NSA Exploit to Widespread Ransomware: WannaCry is on the Loose

The new EternalBlue NSA exploit is powering a wave of virulent ransomware sweeping across Europe.

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Bringing Security and Application Delivery to Kubernetes and the Google Cloud

F5 expands its application delivery services offerings for cloud and container environments.

THE HUNT FOR IoT: The Networks Building Death Star-Sized Botnets

With a growth rate of 1,373% in 2016, the hunt for vulnerable IoT devices rages on, and threat actors become more concentrated within specific networks.

Delivery and Deployment Toolchains: Still Subject to the Weakest Link Axiom

Everyone’s got one (yes, even us) and all of them are enabled by the (other) API economy.

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Why Networks Matter to App Architecture

Lori MacVittie comments on the evolution of the network, and the next wave of architectures rolling in (that’s serverless).

F5 Announces Second Quarter Fiscal 2017 Results

For the second quarter of FY2017, F5 Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: FFIV) announced revenue of $518.2 million, up 7.1% from the second quarter of FY2016.

F5 Networks Leases New Office Tower at 801 Fifth Avenue

May 3, 2017 – F5 announced today that it will relocate to F5 Tower in downtown Seattle from its current campus on Elliott Bay.

Speed, Scale, and Security: F5 now Connecting Containers in Kubernetes

Containers. They’re not a fad, or a phase. Their adoption rate is actually pretty accelerated compared to its predecessor, virtualization.

ChatOps: Peopling without People

Without the cultural change to a more open, collaborative cross-IT environment, many of the benefits of DevOps can’t be fully realized.

Possession and Identity in the Internet of Things

Long-time tech watchers have seen the gradual move of computing devices from no-user to multi-user to single-user models.

Now that HTTPS is almost everywhere, what about IPv6?

Let’s Encrypt launched April 12, 2016 with the intent to support and encourage sites to enable HTTPS everywhere (sometimes referred to as SSL everywhere even though the web is steadily moving...

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F5’s new CEO shares his early impressions, his vision for the app delivery powerhouse

F5’s new President and CEO, François Locoh-Donou, the application delivery networking company April 3, replacing John McAdam. Network World Editor in Chief John Dix talked with him about his...

Can Your Risk Assessment Stand Up Under Scrutiny?

Risk assessments are a key part of a security program, but their execution and format are highly variable. Regulators can sanction organizations that perform improper or inadequate risk assessments.

F5 ‘Open’ for Business at Red Hat Summit

F5 is a sponsor of the 2017 event in Boston, supporting technologies like OpenStack and OpenShift.

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Where We’re Headed Now: Charting the Path for a Faster, Smarter, and Safer IoT

The main theme of this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona was the ongoing digital transformation toward a "connected society." 5G will be instrumental in the adoption of...

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Fallacy of Composition (Why Deploying to Production is So Hard)

The integration of virtual (software) based network and application services into the CI/CD pipeline is a lot more real than some might think.

State of App Delivery: Automation, APIs & DevOps

The digital drumbeat has picked up its tempo, driving those responsible for the network and infrastructure that delivers apps to consumer and corporate users to look to automation...

F5 Private Cloud Solution Package for OpenStack

This week, F5 introduced the first and only turnkey solution package that includes advanced application and security services that are engineered, tested, and certified to run with the Red Hat...

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Credential stuffing: What is it and why you should worry about it

While we’re likely all aware that credentials being out in the wild on the black market is a threat, many may not understand exactly why.

The Gateways to Innovation are in the Network

Throughout history, certain places have been anointed with the term “gateway to the _____.” These locations are famous for being strategically important for the defense of a kingdom or as a pathway...

SSO for your Hybrid Cloud

47% of companies now have a cloud-first strategy. No matter where they reside, access to all your apps should provide simple and effective protection for user identities.

Welcome F5’s New CEO: François Locoh-Donou

A brief Q&A featuring the company's new CEO, with perspectives on leadership, F5, and other interests.

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Half a Cloud is better than no Cloud

Every time a new technology or approach to computing enters our field of vision, it is immediately seized upon and defined as being “x”. Maybe it’s based on characteristics, like elasticity and a...

F5 in the Cloud: Optimizing Logistics with the Port Authority of Jamaica

Guest post from F5 customer Dwain Powell, PCS Director, The Port Authority of Jamaica

What SaaS teaches us about automating network infrastructure

The success of SaaS is largely due to companies being able to identify and encapsulate in software commoditized business processes. The same holds true for network and infrastructure teams inside...

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