Blog: Visit F5 at VMworld

We’re heading back to Las Vegas next week, this time for VMworld, Aug. 28–Sept. 1, at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Convention Center. VMworld is a great opportunity to better realize the virtual...

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Blog: Service providers feel pressure to secure new services while transforming to 5G networks

Service providers are challenged to scale networks to meet demand and maintain profitable business models. As the networks scale up and out...

Blog: For Lift and Shift to the Cloud Success, Focus on Architecture

There has emerged two distinct models of “going cloud.” The first, most obvious, is the native approach. Native meaning new, either greenfield or rewritten. The native approach encourages a narrow...

Blog: App Security in the Changing Risk Landscape – Ponemon Report

Conducted in partnership with the Ponemon Institute, the report surveys 605 IT and IT security professionals about their approach to protecting applications...

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3 Things the Network Must Provide for IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to be a topic of interest. And while consumer oriented gadgets and gizmos tend to make headlines, it’s the behind the scenes, in the data center prep work...

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Blog: Is HEIST a Risk or a Threat?

Security professionals are tasked with understanding the difference between risks and threats and acting accordingly. To the layperson (that’s most of us), the difference between the two may appear...

F5 Labs article – Anonymous Equips Novice Users with DDoS Tools

Thanks to Anonymous' latest toolset, anyone can play the DDoS game.

Cisco blog: F5 Agility rolls into Melbourne and Sydney

Ravi Balakrishnan talks Cisco ACI and F5 customer momentum and engagement opportunities at upcoming Australia events.

F5 Labs article – The Expectation of SSL Everywhere

Malicious actors and eavesdroppers are forcing Internet communication into a single cryptographic protocol: SSL

Blog: Are You Defending Apps, or Protecting Them?

Technology tends to use a lot of words interchangeably, but in some cases, the difference is actually pretty profound.

F5 Launches Turnkey WAF Solution in Microsoft Azure Security Center

July 21, 2016 – With today’s introduction of Azure Security Center, F5 has demonstrated its continued application security leadership with greater integration and ease of deployment. The latest F5...

Infographic: What keeps global operators awake at night?

A 2016 survey by Heavy Reading explores how global service providers are addressing security concerns as they prepare for a 5G world.

F5 Networks Announces Results for Third Quarter of Fiscal 2016

SEATTLE – For the third quarter of fiscal 2016, F5 Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: FFIV) announced revenue of $496.5 million, up 3 percent from $483.7 million in the prior quarter and 3 percent from $483.6...

F5 Labs – Threat Analysis Report

"DDoS's Newest Minions: IoT Devices" looks at how nation-states can leverage IoT devices to both add botnets and utilize them for DDoS attacks.

Blog: The New AAA – APIs, Authentication, and Availability

You might have figured out that yes, I’m one of those people playing Pokémon Go. Or, as is often the case of late, not playing Pokémon Go. That’s bad, because it also means our youngest...

F5 Names Ben Gibson as Chief Marketing Officer

SEATTLE – F5 Networks (NASDAQ: FFIV), the global leader in application networking and security, today announced the addition of Ben Gibson to its executive team as Chief Marketing Officer...

Vivo Uses F5 Solutions for the New Vivo Secure Web Application Service

Vivo, a telecom provider with $11 billion in revenue in 2015, launched its own cloud-based security service for small- and mid-sized businesses. The new Vivo Secure Web Application uses F5...

Pokémon Go Launch Reminder Why ‘Build to Scale’ Important as ‘Build to Fail’

One of the catch phrases of DevOps and cloud for the past, oh, many years has been “build to fail.” The premise being that too many businesses experience costly downtime and loss of revenue (and...

Blog & Infographic: How the Debate between Privacy and Security is Evolving

Some of you may remember a time when national security was a question of protecting individuals from crime on the street, or the Army’s defense against international threats. Today, that picture...

Blog: Hardware’s Innovation Theorem

I recently finished reading Fermat’s Last Theorem (Simon Singh) which, you might be surprised to learn, was full of drama, intrigue, murder, and mistresses. Really. The history of math is quite...

Blog: How to Scale Your Limited Network Staff – Get Rid of the Yaks

There are many lamentations in the tech industry regarding the “skill gap” in security. That’s the inability of organizations to find talented security professionals to fill increasingly critical...

Case study: INSEE Digital supports Siam City Cement Company with app-centric hybrid infrastructure

INSEE implemented F5's BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager to provision, optimize, and deliver services.

Security’s Last Mile: The User

When we talk about “the last mile” in networking, we’re usually talking about that leg of the Internet where data moves between the provider’s network to the user’s network. That used to be a...

Case Study: Communications Services Firm Gains Huge Data Throughput with F5 & Cisco ACI

West prioritized software-defined networking, an application-centric infrastructure, and the ability to intelligently manage high-volume traffic on demand—functionality that integrated F5 and Cisco...

Security in the Cloud: The Business Perimeter

When Leonidas of the Spartans found himself faced with the prospect of defending Sparta against the totally much bigger and meaner Persian army, he specifically chose the narrow pass at Thermopylae...

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