Effective Hybrid Cloud – Adapting and Scaling to Meet Changing Business Needs

This executive brief from IDC explains hybrid cloud as a natural evolution that offers public cloud's scalability and low startup costs, along with the level of security that comes with private...

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Deploying Apps within a Hybrid Infrastructure

Know where your apps are, who and where your users are, and the context of how these apps are being used in architecting an infrastructure that is simple yet agile.

Blog: F5 Application Delivery Services in OpenStack – What Does it Mean to You?

Recently, F5 has released a number of OpenStack components, including open source LBaaS V2 plugin code, a Heat plugin library, and Heat templates.

Blog: Security in the Asia Pacific region

Perspective from F5's David Holmes, who recently completed a security evangelism tour through Asia-Pacific North (APAC), including his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities in that part...

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Blog: How the Network Adapts to Changing App Architectures

There’s a lot of buzz around microservices today. They’re the new hotness in application architectures and are often mentioned in conjunction with their BFF, containers. A recent survey conducted...

F5 Networks Announces Results for Second Quarter of Fiscal 2016

SEATTLE – For the second quarter of fiscal 2016, F5 Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: FFIV) announced revenue of $483.7 million, up 2 percent from $472.1 million in the second quarter of fiscal 2015. GAAP...

Turning up the OpenStack Heat with F5

OpenStack is making its way into production. In OpenStack’s sixth user survey, it found that 60% of deployments were there, in production. That’s compared to only 32% a mere two years...

PIEM Corporation Uses F5 Security Solution to Win Customers and Leave Competition Behind

Software developer PIEM Corporation needed customers to trust that its new interactive wedding planning system would protect their personal information from cybercriminals and ensure that company...

F5 Virtual Network Functions – What’s in Your Virtual Network?

During the most recent Mobile World Congress in February 2016, there were a few primary themes that Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and leading-edge vendors (including F5) were...

Case Study: Fraser Coast Revamps Data Centre to Reduce Time to Market for New Services

Fraser Coast Regional Council (FCRC) is a local government agency located in the Wide Bay–Burnett region of Queensland, about 250 kilometres north of the state capital of Brisbane. FCRC is...

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Ensuring Programmability in NFV Deployments

Following numerous proof of concept trials in 2015 across the globe, 2016 will witness the tipping point of NFV (network functions virtualization) with carriers and Internet Services Providers...

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F5 blog: Networking in the Age of Containers

Over the past few years, as virtualization and now containerization have increased the density of apps on any given piece of hardware, we’ve become obsessed with the challenge of managing east-west...

Partner blog: F5 sits down with Nutanix for Q&A

Sr. Strategic Business Development Mgr. Frank Strobel talks integrated infrastructures and previews activity at the upcoming Nutanix .NEXT event.

The False (Form-Factor) Dilemma: Hardware or Software

Anyone who has studied philosophy and in particular, logic, knows that there are wide range of logical fallacies that ultimately undermine one’s argument. Most people are probably familiar with the...

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Blog: How to avoid paying API taxes this year

It’s tax time in the US, and you know what that means, don’t you? Yes, we’re all looking for ways to reduce that burden. I’m sorry to say that though I once worked as a developer for a...

Blog: Achieving Agility – ID Federation Services

Back in the day (I’m talking 2003 here, so way back in technology years) a lot of hopes and dreams for a more seamless identity management experience were high. That was when Security Assertion...

Case Study: Fresno Unified School District Gets Big Boost in IT Productivity using F5

Impressed with the modular architecture of F5 solutions, FUSD chose to upgrade security as well.

F5 Bolsters Sales Organization with New Hires

F5 Networks (NASDAQ: FFIV) today announced additions to its sales leadership team with the hires of Peter Brant, SVP of North America Sales, and David Helfer, VP of Worldwide Channels....

Case Study: Domtar Centralizes Authentication and Secures Applications with F5 Solution

Blog: At the Crossroad of Digital Transformation and Disruption

With the proliferation of devices and rapid improvement in infrastructure, Singapore, along with the rest of Asia, is at the crossroad of digital transformation and disruption. No other region is...

Regional Phishing Patterns: Insights from the F5 Security Operations Center

It’s no secret to those who engage in actual fishing (for real, live fish) that timing matters. Certain types of fish are more active and thus likely to be caught in the morning, others in the...

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