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VMware and F5 have combined forces in the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) to improve orchestration of application networking services for a wide variety of applications. The result? Greater agility, lower costs, hardened security, higher performance, and better reliability.

This week, at VMworld 2015 in San Francisco, F5 will demonstrate a joint solution to orchestrate our advanced networking services for VMware Horizon in the SDDC. Attendees will have two options to experience this demo—during breakout session NET6320 on Wednesday, September 2 at 8:00 a.m., and in booth #1513 throughout the event.

“Together, F5 and VMware enable elastic application deployments that provide high performance scale and, most importantly, security,” said Howard Hall, senior director, global technology partner organization, VMware. “This interoperable solution spanning the breadth VMware’s orchestration, networking and end-user computing solutions provides organizations with a real-world demonstration of the value of advanced networking services by F5.”

In the session, and at the F5 booth, the audience will see the companies’ jointly created interoperable solutions that transform and streamline infrastructure provisioning and application deployments. Specifically, the demo illustrates VMware NSX and vRealize Orchestrator working together with F5 to orchestrate the provisioning, remote access, and micro-segmentation of a Horizon environment.

The benefits of an F5 and VMware-enabled SDDC include:

Automated Provisioning of Virtual Machines, Network Services, and Security Policies

  • Together, F5 and VMware provide a solution for building a Horizon environment that includes automated provisioning of networking and compute resources, hardened security, DNS services, scalability, and application availability.
  • This design and implementation provides an optimal configuration for hardened virtual desktop environments.
  • In addition, firewall policies configured in BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager provide the necessary security between virtual desktops and applications, ensuring that each user is only allowed access to specifically defined resources on the network.

Rapid Configuration and Provisioning 

  • VMware NSX combined with the BIG-IP vRealize Orchestrator plug-in enables rapid provisioning of all elements of the networking and application services stack.
  • This simplifies the overall deployment of Horizon and also ensures a secure, protected environment.

F5 Software-Defined Application Services in Action

  • The movement to a Software-Defined Data Center means that advanced application delivery services should be automatically provisioned and deployed. This is especially important in a Horizon environment as virtual desktop environments often need to scale quickly based on business demand.
  • Having the flexibility to adapt to business conditions while protecting critical IT assets is a key part of this combined solution. 

“Through our tight collaboration, VMware and F5 have ensured that mission-critical applications dynamically and automatically leverage the necessary advanced network services to function at peak performance,” said Calvin Rowland, senior vice president of business development at F5. “We are proud to showcase this interoperable solution that proves the depth and breadth of the VMware and F5 relationship around delivering highly secure and scalable solutions for our customers."

Demo Time/Locations

  • Wednesday, September 2 at 8:00 a.m. NET6320 – Make the data center of tomorrow a reality today to orchestrate advanced networking services
  • F5 Booth: #1513

Learn more about the F5 and VMware technology alliance here: https://f5.com/vmware