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Published November 22, 2016

Customer experience is a critical part of any business – it is a key differentiator and an area of increasing competitiveness. Study after study shows that customer service is one the most important factors in whether a company retains or loses its customers. It is a key focus for us at F5 and place where we’ve invested heavily over the years.

In 2000, we launched AskF5, a powerful tool for our customers and partners to access helpful information about F5's products. AskF5 has served as a one-stop shop for product manuals, release notes, how-to advice, known issue resolutions, general solutions, policy documents, hotfix information, security advisories, firmware information, and much more. We update the content on a nearly daily basis and regularly upgrade the functionality as well as the look and feel to ensure our customers and partners are able to quickly find answers to questions, discover fixes to known issues, and learn ways to increase the usefulness of F5 technology.

It is to this end we are relaunching AskF5 with signifcant changes. The new AskF5 will increase customer capabilities and improve the overall experience with a new troubleshooting wizard and simplified interaction with F5 Technical Support resources. Customer and partners will soon be able to take advantage of:

  • A new, quick and easy guided troubleshooting system, which extracts information from our large knowledge base, allows you to quickly filter by product, version, and additional context elements, to quickly provide you with the right solutions to your questions.
  • An innovative service request feature, which enables you to manage requests better and submit requests faster. In addition, it clearly keeps track of current status so there is no guessing on the next steps with your support inquiries.

There is nothing more important to us than happy customers that are able to get the most out of their F5 technology, and we are incredibly excited to roll out the new AskF5!