F5 Survey Reveals Digital Transformation Initiatives Driving Sudden Surge in Emerging Application Services for Government Organizations

State of Application Delivery report shows rise of multi-cloud architectures necessitating automation and application-centric security

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F5’s BIG-IP and IBM Cloud Private Integration

Microservice architectures are becoming the standard for cloud native workloads, but what about layer 4–7 services?

Production Pain Points and the Application Services that Relieve Them

Developers in a RisingStack survey cite performance, security, and deployment difficulties in production environments Not all security and performance is the result of ‘bad code’. Platforms and...

I’ve Taken the Super-NetOps Course. Now How Do I Develop my Powers?

Robert Haynes walks you through suggested next steps once you've completed F5's initial Super-NetOps training.

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The Hunt for IoT Exposes Targeting of Build Infrastructure

The Hunt for IoT by our own F5 Labs threat researchers continues. Its latest report exposes not only an active search for vulnerable IoT devices, but the targeting of build infrastructure.

The Hunt for IoT: The Growth and Evolution of Thingbots Ensures Chaos

IoT attacks show no signs of decreasing while infected IoT devices go un-remediated, and discovery of new thingbots is at a decade-long high.

Garbage In, Garbage Out: Don’t Automate Broken Processes

When I was a wee lass getting ready to deliver my company’s very first Internet-enabled application, I learned a valuable lesson. It wasn’t about technology. It wasn’t about the Internet. It was...

F5 Acquires Microsoft Gold Cloud Competency

Confidence in the public cloud is on the rise as the market and platforms mature, thanks in part to certification and competency validations from major providers.

Announcing F5 Managed Rulesets for AWS WAF

AWS has just announced enhanced F5 managed security capabilities on AWS WAF around Bot Protection, CVE Vulnerabilities, and Web Exploits.

The Importance of ADCs for IoT in Public Cloud Environments

With F5 BIG-IP virtual editions, IoT-focused organizations can seamlessly deploy in public or multi-cloud environments with maximum flexibility.

New F5 Private Cloud Solution Package for OpenStack

OpenStack supports an increasing number of mission-critical applications, but it can still be complex to set up. F5 makes it easier.

NetOps Needs to be Agile because the Cloud Can Change Overnight

NetOps needs to embrace DevOps methodologies and principles to restore the balance of stability and speed to support the growing number of applications deployed in the public cloud. There is a...

Three Signs of an App Attack Developers Should Know

Apps are under siege. Attacks occur with alarming frequency – every 39 seconds according to research conducted by the University of Maryland

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Application Services Update: Security, Speed, and Suspicious Visitors

It’s time again to dig into the application services organizations are actually using to make apps faster and safer. Of note is a rise in use of bot defense services and the slow but steady...

My New Car, the Rise of Multi-Access Edge Computing, and the BIG-IP i15000 Series

New network designs must better accommodate traffic to and from a massive number of smart devices. A 5G world is coming soon—F5 solutions can help as your 4G networks evolve.

Unlocking smart core network slicing for IoT and MVNOs

Network slicing is one of the most important 5G innovations available to mobile operators, allowing them to subdivide one physical network into multiple logical networks.

Conquering video: Overcoming the congestion conundrum

F5 technology offers a cost-effective solution to the challenge of video by improving the way Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) works on the mobile network.

Don’t take your eye off GTP en route to 5G

Changes to the EU’s roaming regulations and raised awareness of security risks are fueling dramatic increases in GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) traffic.

State of Application Delivery 2018: Application Services are the Gateway to a Digital Future

The primary purpose for our State of Application Delivery research is to understand the current – and predict the future – state of application delivery around the world. That means a focus on...

Open Source Spotlight: F5 Enables A/B Testing and Blue/Green Deployments with Red Hat OpenShift

Today’s fast-paced, digitally-enabled data centers need to be able to direct traffic, not just distribute it. Red Hat OpenShift is in use by 21% of respondents according to the State of...

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F5 Solutions Accelerate Service Provider Transition to IoT, 5G, and NFV Technologies

BARCELONA – F5 announces a range of Internet of Things, 5G, and NFV solutions and capabilities ahead of next week's Mobile World Congress.

State of Application Delivery 2018: Security in the cloud, yes! Confidence, not so much.

Digital transformation is a forcing function, encouraging automation and orchestration across IT and driving organizations to the decision to deliver apps from the public cloud. In fact, digital...

NetOps Embrace of Automation will lead to need for NetOps Ops

Automation is the future. DevOps has long embraced the idea of automating everything in sight, but NetOps is quickly closing the gap between them using automation and orchestration extensively in...

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Is DevOps ‘Build to Fail’ Philosophy a Security Risk?

Breaking Betteridge’s Law of Headlines, the short answer is yes. But as all things today involving technology, the long answer is a bit more involved than that. DevOps has become, I think, fairly...

F5 Extending Red Hat OpenStack with Enhanced Service Definitions

Today we’re announcing some significant updates to the F5 Private Cloud Solution Package for OpenStack...

IoT Infrastructure, Empowered by F5’s IoT Solution

In the inevitable era of the Internet of Things (IoT), the waves of opportunities and challenges have surpassed each other as the market remains fragmented. IoT devices mushroom across every...

State of Application Delivery 2018: Multi-cloud is not just Marketing

It seems like just yesterday we were using the term “hybrid” cloud and arguing like fishwives over what it meant. The latter half of 2017 saw the rise of the term “multi-cloud” (with many of the...

NetOps: Your options are to lead or get out of the way

Digital Transformation initiatives are a forcing function on automation in production. If you don’t lead on automation, you will follow someone else – if you’re lucky. Developers have a leg up on...

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Pay-As-You-Go Billing in the Google Cloud

Read about the enhanced licensing flexibility now available for F5 BIG-IP Virtual Editions in the Google Cloud.

State of Application Delivery 2018: NetOps is on board the Automation Train

As an IT polymath who loves programming languages as much I do protocols and wire captures, the blurring of the lines between the two required of automation and orchestration makes me giddy. For...

The Art of Scaling Containers: Monitoring

Scaling containers is more than just slapping a proxy in front of a service and walking away. There’s more to scale than just distribution, and in the fast-paced world of containers there are five...

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Scale your Apps and your People (This time for free)

Commentary on how F5's new Super-NetOps training program can break down operational silos and get the right teams doing the right work in close collaboration.

F5 Per-App VE ‘individualizes’ traffic management and WAF services for faster app development

Introducing Per-App offerings of F5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition for local traffic management and web application firewall services.

F5 Launches Super-NetOps Initiative

New program includes free training to help IT professionals deliver critical network operations functions through DevOps methodologies.

#SOAD18: Digital Transformation Changes Everything

Digital transformation (DX) is a slippery term to define. As with cloud years ago and more recently, DevOps, the term is treated like silly putty in the hands of whomever uses it.

F5 Announces Appointments to Strategic Positions

Executives will lead new Application Delivery and Security business units, Corporate Strategy, and Human Resources organizations

F5 Networks Announces First Quarter Fiscal 2018 Results

F5 announced revenue of $523.2 million for the first quarter of fiscal 2018

The Art of Scaling Containers: Circuit Breakers

Read about the role circuit breakers play when it comes to scaling container environments.

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Everything is Compromised—Now What?

Accept that breaches are inevitable in today’s world, then take these steps to reduce the chances of a large-scale, headline-making compromise.

SOAD18: Digital Transformation Driving Automation and Multi-Cloud Despite Security Concerns

Discover the key findings of F5's fourth annual State of Application Delivery report.

Ramnit Goes on a Holiday Shopping Spree, Targeting Retailers and Banks

Ramnit’s latest twist includes targeting the most widely used web services during the holidays: online retailers, entertainment, banking, food delivery, and shipping sites.

State of Application Delivery 2018 Report Overview

Check out the key findings from the report.

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