F5 VIPRION 4450 Blade Delivers Unparalleled SSL Performance

To meet the challenges of a world where SSL is everywhere, all the time, enterprises must choose ciphers that are secure yet scalable—and deploy high performance application delivery solutions,...

SSL Performance Results: F5 VIPRION B4450 Test With Ixia CloudStorm 100GE

In April 2017, Ixia used its CloudStorm 100GE Application and Security Test Load Module to run an SSL performance test on an F5 VIPRION B4450 Application Delivery Controller blade in a VIPRION...

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Production Ready is not User Ready

Continuous delivery is the penultimate goal of organizations’ embracing DevOps. It is not the ultimate goal, because that would continuous deployment. Much ado is made in the alleyways of DevOps...

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Virtualize to Scale on Demand: Dynamic Service Function Chaining in the S/Gi-LAN

F5's Patricia Du discusses service provider topics, including how value-added services improve the customer experience by controlling traffic based on user profiles, network policies, and...

New Auto Scaling & Standalone WAF solution for Amazon AWS

Let’s begin slightly off-topic by discussing the world’s favorite video on-demand service, Netflix. Between 2009 and 2016, Netflix observed a staggering increase in subscribers, from 12 million to...

Automated App Services in Cisco ACI with F5 Private Cloud Solution Package for Cisco Networking

Today’s software-defined economy requires businesses to move faster than their competitors. Speed and agility are critical to keeping up with competitive demands for new applications, as well as...

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F5 Networks Appoints Gabriel Breeman as Vice President to Drive Partner Sales Growth in APAC

Based in Singapore, Breeman will work with cross-functional leaders to strategically expand and evolve the F5 sales channels and alliance partner landscape.

Good Enough is only Good Enough Until It Isn’t

Then it’s too late to cajole frustrated customers to come back. They’ve already found another provider of whatever it was you were trying to sell them.

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Three Things App Security is Not

App security is a lot of things, but sometimes we need to stop and consider what it isn’t, particularly as the volume and frequency of applications developed and deployed to meet the insatiable...

Are your business apps a cause for concern?

Commentary from F5's Shahnawaz Backer on Asia Pacific’s rise in global fintech investments, along with the related security considerations.

IDaaS, Everything but the Directory Sync

Commentary from F5's Mark Campbell on how SaaS and the subscription-based delivery of business applications have become a preferred consumption model.

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Line2 Gains Visibility into Attacks with F5 Silverline DDoS Protection

Guest post from customer Jennifer Cohen, Director of Operations at Line2, a San Francisco-based company that provides cloud phone service for small businesses

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A Tech Marketer's Guide to Unscrambling the Shoptalk

CMO Ben Gibson chats with Campaign Asia on the success of F5's 'We make apps go: Faster. Smarter. Safer' initiative.

Yak Shaving: CISOs Aren’t Immune

Sometimes, CISOs spin their wheels doing useless security activity that only looks productive from the outside.

Serverless isn’t about servers, it’s about apps

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the concept of “serverless computing.” That could be because it’s quite erroneously named. It’s not about servers or computing.

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App Services at the Heart of the Experience Economy

We hear a lot about the digital economy and the API economy, but the experience economy is what both are powering.

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Nearly Half of Orgs Hit by Smokescreen DDoS Attacks

Information security is rife with military terminology. That’s unsurprising, given the abstract relationship between the opposing forces; one trying to attack while the other defends. Modern DDoS...

Forget uptime. A low MTTR is the new ‘5 9s’ for IT

Outages are expensive. Whether they’re ultimately the result of an attack or a failure in software or hardware isn’t that relevant. The costs per minute of downtime are increasing, thanks to the...

How to make digital transformation a reality

Digital transformation isn't about using technology to do the same things you've always done—it's about doing things that weren't possible before.

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SambaCry: The Linux Sequel to WannaCry

With simple exploits plaguing Windows and Linux SMB week over week, do yourself a favor and patch for CVE-2017-7494 now to avoid having to do it in panic mode.

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The CISO: A Field Guide

Learn to recognize different types of CISOs so you can ensure you’re hiring the right one.

Fight Credential Stuffing by Taking a New Approach to Authorization

How a token-based authorization model can help organizations dramatically reduce credential stuffing attacks.

Time for NetOps to Embrace Continuous Deployment

Continuous deployment doesn’t have to mean every change, every time, right away. But it does have to start somewhere. CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) is the domain of...

THE HUNT FOR IoT: The Networks Building Death Star-Sized Botnets

With a growth rate of 1,373% in 2016, the hunt for vulnerable IoT devices rages on...

F5 Application Services for a Multi-Cloud World

BARCELONA – At its annual EMEA Agility partner and customer conference, F5 announced the availability of offerings designed to provide consistent application services in multi-cloud environments.

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New Solutions Enable the Multi-Cloud World

SVP Sangeeta Anand takes a closer look at the promise of multi-cloud environments and new technologies from F5.

A Multi-Cloud Strategy Needs Multi-Cloud Solutions

There is little doubt (in my mind, at least) that the new standard operating model for enterprise organizations is based largely on cloud. I use the term “cloud” as a broad umbrella for both...

State of Application Delivery 2017: Cloudy Challenges

Cloud is not going away, and multi-cloud is definitely the target destination for most organizations today. What remains is the journey to get there.

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From NSA Exploit to Widespread Ransomware: WannaCry is on the Loose

The new EternalBlue NSA exploit is powering a wave of virulent ransomware sweeping across Europe.

F5 Application Connector: Connecting and Controlling Cloud Apps

Applications are moving to public clouds. Maybe not as fast as the market predicted (hoped?), but they are moving.

Cyberattack Scramble: Sifting through code, a midnight patch and a lost weekend

As the WannaCry cyberattacks became major news worldwide this past weekend, corporate cybersecurity workers, researchers and law-enforcement agencies jumped into action. May 17, 2017 — Seattle Times

Lift and Shift: Top Things to Consider When Moving That Legacy App to the Cloud

Lori MacVittie explores what you should be thinking about (and preparing for) when migrating apps.

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Equinix & F5: Taking Control of Your Hybrid Cloud Security

Interconnection helps extend a secure route to the public cloud for enterprise apps

Bringing Security and Application Delivery to Kubernetes and the Google Cloud

F5 expands its application delivery services offerings for cloud and container environments.

Delivery and Deployment Toolchains: Still Subject to the Weakest Link Axiom

Everyone’s got one (yes, even us) and all of them are enabled by the (other) API economy.

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Why Networks Matter to App Architecture

Lori MacVittie comments on the evolution of the network, and the next wave of architectures rolling in (that’s serverless).

F5 Announces Second Quarter Fiscal 2017 Results

For the second quarter of FY2017, F5 Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: FFIV) announced revenue of $518.2 million, up 7.1% from the second quarter of FY2016.

F5 Networks Leases New Office Tower at 801 Fifth Avenue

May 3, 2017 – F5 announced today that it will relocate to F5 Tower in downtown Seattle from its current campus on Elliott Bay.

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