Ceding Control of IoT for the Sake of Security

We are, I think it’s safe to say, universally delighted by technology. The mundane is transformed into the magical by the mere introduction of technology. The novelty wears off after a time, of...

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Five Reasons the CISO is a Cryptocurrency Skeptic—Starting with Bitcoin

There’s a lot of hype surrounding cryptocurrencies, but what’s good for currency traders may not be great for security-minded professionals.

CISOs: Striving Toward Proactive Security Strategies

As enterprises more closely align their security and IT operations, they still struggle to shift their security programs from reactive to proactive.

Reactive Security Strategy Poses Significant Challenge for CISOs

SINGAPORE – Today at Singapore International Cyber Week, F5 Networks (NASDAQ: FFIV) released a comprehensive report on the evolving nature of the CISO role and the IT security approaches...

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Vulnerable Stuff Running in Containers Still Vulnerable Stuff

It has been said – and not just by me – that encrypted malicious code is still malicious code. The encryption does nothing to change that...

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AnsibleFest 2017’s Code of Conduct as a Metaphor for DevOps

The Ansible community requires everyone to be nice to each other, to be empathetic and to be kind. This is best evidenced by the Ansible Code of Conduct for events. One excerpt: “Ansible is...

WireX Android DDoS Malware Adds UDP Flood

As quickly as attackers commandeer IoT devices to build more “thingbots,” they continue to evolve their attack types and functionality.

The Dawn of Cloud Arbitrage: Equinix Builds and F5 helps Pave the Way

Along with their just-opened San Jose data center, Equinix leverages F5 BIG-IP for application services to support multi-cloud interconnection.

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Successful Cloud Migrations: Making the Leap

F5 SVP Calvin Rowland walks you through the mindset of moving to the cloud, with a nod to just announced IBM/VMware/F5 solutions.

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AnsibleFest and the Rise of Network Automation

Over the past year, F5 and Ansible have been working hard to bring network automation solutions to our customers. In successive releases, Ansible has introduced more and more network automation...

Closing Data Center Generational Gaps with NetOps

Don’t let anyone tell you hardware doesn’t matter. Hardware is everywhere. In every mobile phone. Every Fitbit and techno-gadget we own. In our cars. In our laptops and tablets. Increasingly, it’s...

New Skill and New Demands: The Private Cloud Challenge for Network Operations

Cloud adoption changes the way we deploy applications, and the way that IT fulfills its responsibility of “stopping everything breaking.”

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Automation Needs

If there’s anything hotter than containers right now, it’s probably something based on containers, like serverless. In addition to being the “cool” kid on the block right now, it’s also the focus...

Realizing Multi-Cloud Consistency with F5 and VMware Cloud on AWS

In the beginning (back in 2007 or so), there was cloud. And it was mostly SaaS, as organizations eagerly consumed business-ready offerings that replaced previously rented line of business apps...

Forget the kids. We need this for IT Automation.

To untangle the complexity inherent in IT automation today, we need to find a better way to construct the workflows that represent the processes used to deploy, manage, and configure IT...

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F5 Named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls

SEATTLE – F5 Networks (NASDAQ: FFIV) today announced that it has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the Leaders quadrant of its Magic Quadrant for Web Application...

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SovLabs and F5 BIG-IP accelerate application delivery for VMware vRealize Automation customers

F5 SVP Calvin Rowland: "With SovLabs, customers are able to configure and deploy BIG-IP services directly from vRealize Automation. This innovative approach helps to bridge NetOps and...

F5 Availability in the AWS GovCloud Marketplace!

It’s no secret that security is the leading concern for the majority of public cloud users, but for some organizations and government agencies, it is even more paramount. For these groups, highly...

Treat Your IT Automation Code Like Cattle, Too.

IT has to embrace standardization of the code that makes IT go or risk creating systems that syphon off the financial and efficacy benefits of IT automation. I spent nearly a decade developing...

Cry “Havoc” and Let Loose the Thingbots of War!

Gray hats might have good intentions launching their “vigilante” botnets, but are they really helping us win the war against Death Star-sized thingbots?

F5 Container Connector: Now with Ingress Control, Red Hat OpenShift, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry

If you haven’t noticed, containers are continuing to build momentum with a surprising speed. Not even cloud can brag of this kind of zealous adoption. While it’s important to remember that...

Hoisted by Our Own Petards: Big Dirty Data

Big data. Petabytes generated on an hourly basis for millions of sensors and monitors embedded in things across the business value chain. From manufacturing to delivery, from POS to consumers, data...

Ingress Controllers: New Name, Familiar Function

Colloquialisms. These are those words and phrases that have a uniquely local meaning that can confound those not native to the area. For example, when I’m out and about and thirsty, I look for a...

The Hunt for IoT: The Rise of Thingbots

With “thingbots” now launching Death Star-sized DDoS attacks, hosting banking trojans, and causing physical destruction, all signs are pointing to them becoming the attacker infrastructure of the...

Premier Management Company Secures Healthcare Data with F5 Cloud-Based WAF

Using an F5 security solution in the Microsoft Azure cloud, the organization protected its data and ensured compliance with a scalable web application firewall.

Report: IoT attacks exploded by 280% in the first half of 2017

To assess the current state of IoT threats, F5 Labs released its global threat report—The Hunt for IoT Vol. 3: The Rise of Thingbots—which examined how attackers have developed botnets to target...

Programmable Proxies are the Duct Tape of the Internet

Programmable proxies protect ports from predators – like those targeting SMB today.   When the Internet was in its infancy, my oldest three children were teenagers. Even then – with a far...

Lessons from Togo: What F5’s new CEO learned about business and life growing up in Africa

F5 CEO Francois Locoh-Donou sits down with GeekWire to discuss his background, encouraging young Africans to study technology and become entrepreneurs, and cashew farming. August 11, 2017 — GeekWire

Was DC25 My Last DEF CON?

F5's David Holmes looks back at the recently concluded DC25 and ponders future attendance.

Cloud Needs Operational Gates–Especially for Security

In January of 2017, the very popular MongoDB suffered what seems to be becoming a fairly predictable tactic for attackers: taking data hostage. Subsequent investigation noted that for the most...

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NetOps and DevOps Want More Collaboration in a Multi-Cloud World

F5 Networks (NASDAQ: FFIV) announced the results of a recent survey comparing the views of over 850 NetOps and DevOps IT professionals on their respective disciplines and collaboration practices....

F5 Survey Finds DevOps and NetOps Agree on Importance of Automation and Frequency of Deployments

There are two sides to every coin, so the old adage goes. It goes without saying that both sides of the coin are the same color even if they bear different images.   So we discovered when...

F5 DevOps and NetOps Survey Report: Automation is Key to Bridging the Digital Divide

Much is made of the archetypical relationship between DevOps and NetOps. We are constantly barraged with a litany of “us versus them” rhetoric that pits the one against the other...

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Black Hat at 20 – A Quick Recap

F5's principal threat research evangelist puts on his reporter hat to bring you some insights from one of the oldest hacker conferences there is.

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Can Engineers Build Networks Too Complicated for Humans to Operate? Part I: Scope of the Problem

This series explores how InfoSec practitioners can use math, technology, and critical thinking to mitigate risk in a world where networks and data have surpassed the scope of human comprehension.

Realizing FIPS Validation in Virtualized, SDN, and Cloud Data Centers

Securing your data and infrastructure while transitioning to cloud (and software-defined everything) is complicated, but throw in tighter, stricter regulatory compliance and then you really have...

Container Danger in the Cloud

The slow but steady migration to cloud-based environments has had an impact on many aspects of IT. One we rarely make mention of is administration. But we should.

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Serverless = Operations on Autopilot

You’re going to need a platform for automation and orchestration. Serverless might be just what you were looking for. Serverless (a.k.a. Function as a Service) is still very much in its infancy....

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Are Your Apps Stressing Out Users with Poor Performance?

While apps represent opportunities to improve productivity and increase profits, poor performance and annoyed users bring these gains to a halt.

Rethink Your Access Strategy, Think BeyondCorp

F5's Lee Slaughter offers his take on the 'zero trust' model, along with solutions from F5 and Google.

Unpacking a Multi-Cloud Approach

SVP Calvin Rowland breaks down what it means for organizations to deploy multi-cloud solutions, touching on DevOps topics as well.

Is 2017 Half Empty or Half Full?

F5 DevCentral's Pete Silva takes a look at tech trends thus far in 2017, with ransomeware (still) top-of-mind.

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