IDC Frontier Uses F5 to Migrate Customers to the Cloud or Hosted Datacenters

Blog: The Application of Theseus' Paradox

The study of philosophy, at least in the past, has involved asking questions that seem, on the surface, to be, well, irrelevant. After all, is it really all that important to know “whether a ship...

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F5 & Hutchinson Networks partner with Edinburgh Napier University to bridge cyber-security skills gap in Scotland

Collaboration with technology companies augments the institution’s cyber-security courses to prepare students for careers in IT.

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Cloud: Centralizing Security for Decentralized Environments

There’s a kind of repetitive cycle to everything (or so it seems in hindsight) in which changes in app architectures and usage spur the need for new technologies in the network. Technologies...

Blog: Management ≠ Orchestration

As we continue to see a ripple-like effect of agile methodologies washing over the rest of IT (you know, like network and security) we’ve seen the rise of architectures and technologies like SDN...

F5 Introduces Security, Management, and Orchestration Technologies

VIENNA, AUSTRIA – F5 introduces software-based solutions that enable customers to seamlessly integrate availability and security services, simplify device management, and better orchestrate IT...

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Partner blog: Cisco at Vienna's F5 Agility Conference

Ravi Balakrishnan talks the city, event highlights, and Cisco/F5 solutions.

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Anticipate 2016: Secure Your Apps Today to Safeguard Your Future

Just how secure are your apps?  F5’s Anticipate 2016 event happening in Singapore on 18-19 May at St Regis Hotel will take a close look at this pertinent issue.   Security...

Blog: Brand, Business, and Fraud

The most significant data breaches in the last 15 years were a result of application vulnerabilities.

Blog: Web Fraud Solutions for Ever-Growing Malware Threats

Perspective from F5's Singapore team on how financial applications are going digital and fraudsters are following the trend, including attack and prevention technique details.

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Blog: The Hierarchy of Application Needs

Most folks have heard or seen Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. If you aren’t familiar with the concept (or need a refresher), here’s the TL;DR – Maslow believed that people are motivated to achieve...

Blog: Cloud Security Crucibles – Australia & New Zealand

Australia is evolving a new way to leverage cloud, and New Zealand is evolving a new efficiency model for government security services. Both countries share one aspect with the rest of the world:...

F5 Friday: Transforming the DC by Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

One of the biggest challenges organizations face today is how to “modernize” their traditional data center to meet increasing demands from the business and users alike.

Kanaiwa Hospital Uses F5 to Increase Medical Team Collaboration and Expand In-home Patient Care

Blog: How the Network Adapts to Changing App Architectures

There’s a lot of buzz around microservices today. They’re the new hotness in application architectures and are often mentioned in conjunction with their BFF, containers. A recent survey conducted...

Effective Hybrid Cloud – Adapting and Scaling to Meet Changing Business Needs

This executive brief from IDC explains hybrid cloud as a natural evolution that offers public cloud's scalability and low startup costs, along with the level of security that comes with private...

Blog: Security in the Asia Pacific region

Perspective from F5's David Holmes, who recently completed a security evangelism tour through Asia-Pacific North (APAC), including his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities in that part...

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Fullcast Preempts Attacks and Achieves Higher Cost/Performance Ratio Using F5 Security Solution

Fullcast, a leader in human resource staffing and payroll services, needed a stronger, faster way to defend its network against cyber attacks. By implementing BIG-IP Application Security Manager...

F5 Virtual Network Functions – What’s in Your Virtual Network?

During the most recent Mobile World Congress in February 2016, there were a few primary themes that Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and leading-edge vendors (including F5) were...

Deploying Apps within a Hybrid Infrastructure

Know where your apps are, who and where your users are, and the context of how these apps are being used in architecting an infrastructure that is simple yet agile.

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PIEM Corporation Uses F5 Security Solution to Win Customers and Leave Competition Behind

Software developer PIEM Corporation needed customers to trust that its new interactive wedding planning system would protect their personal information from cybercriminals and ensure that company...

Blog: F5 Application Delivery Services in OpenStack – What Does it Mean to You?

Recently, F5 has released a number of OpenStack components, including open source LBaaS V2 plugin code, a Heat plugin library, and Heat templates.

F5 at OpenStack Summit

One of the (unsurprising to me) reasons some organizations are either keeping their feet firmly planted in the data center or returning after a stint in the cloud is the lack of robust services...

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