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November 27 - December 01, 2017

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What are your biggest app challenges? Security concerns? Cloud migration automation? Skills for the new cloud age? Come by our booth to share yours, and vote in our live survey. Then talk to one of our cloud experts about solutions to your gnarliest cloud battles.

We’ve been certified!

One of the core foundations of the public cloud, and perhaps one of the least understood, is the Shared Responsibility Model. This is the framework that dictates which security controls are the responsibility of the CSP and which are the responsibility of the customer.  While providers like AWS protect the security *of* the cloud, customers are still on the hook for security of data and applications *in* the cloud. This means they need confidence that third-party security solutions are designed for and will work in specific public cloud environments.

Recently, F5 obtained the AWS Security Competency certification for our Web Application Firewall solution. Available in the AWS marketplace, the F5 WAF solution secures applications against L7 DDoS attacks, malicious bot traffic, application vulnerabilities, and all OWASP top 10 threats, while leveraging automated learning capabilities to prevent even the most sophisticated attacks from reaching your servers.

To join this very select group of partners, we met a rigorous set of qualifications set forth by AWS that demonstrated technical proficiency and customer success. The recognition gives customers the confidence that our industry-leading WAF solution will work seamlessly as they deploy applications in AWS via automated templates for advanced application services.

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Partner Theater Presentation

Thursday, November 30th | 11:35am, Kumo Theater in the expo hall at the Sands convention center

Protecting your Web Application on AWS: best practices for third-party WAF deployment

A Web Application Firewall is a key tool in protecting your application against layer 7 exploits. In this session, you will learn best practices for deploying and integrating a WAF on AWS. F5 will cover deployment modes, configuration management options, alerting and auto-scale support.

At Booth 413: Talk with our experts thru demos and presentations about these hot topics:

  • Lifecycle management of BIG-IP—Templates on GitHub
  • WAF & security templates
  • Seamlessly extend your datacenter into your VPC
  • Container connector
  • uses our ADC’s on a pay as you go basis—you can too!

We have awesome partners! Ask us about how we integrate with VMware, Equinix and more!

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